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TRX straps: benefits and effectiveness. Answers to the most popular questions

TRX is a type of sports equipment for exercising with the weight of your own body. It consists of two lines that are connected to each other and fixed at a certain height. How it works? You attach the slings to a solid foundation, insert the arms and legs into the loops and perform the exercises in limbo. In other words, this is nothing more than suspended training.

TRX hinge training was developed in the USA to train special forces. This is not just a multifunctional simulator, it is a whole training system that has gained popularity all over the world. Most of the leading fitness centers already offer group and individual TRX programs. Loop trainings have become common among professional athletes from the NHL, NFL and NBA.

With the help of suspended equipment you can do aerobic, functional, strength, static training, as well as stretching exercises. Due to the unstable position when relying on loops during classes, not only external muscles are used, but also stabilizer muscles. You harmoniously improve the whole body, strengthen the spine, develop posture.

TRX is not the common name for an overhead simulator, but the name of a company that in 2005 began actively promoting exercise loops to the market. At the moment, TRX has many competitors in various countries, for example, Inkaflexx, FKPro, ASeroSling ELITE, Ztrainer. Doing suspended training can be at home. In addition to acquiring the hinges themselves, all you need is to find a support for occupations (for example, a horizontal bar, a pole, a tree branch, a door, a ceiling).

TRX Workout
TRX Workout

The benefits of practicing TRX training:

  • This is a universal simulator with which you can do strength and cardio workouts, yoga and stretching, exercises for the bark and functional training.
  • TRX-hinges are very convenient for practicing at home, they are easily attached to the door, horizontal bar or ceiling.
  • You will work out not only external, but also deep stabilizing muscles, which are not always available during normal training.
  • Exercises with TRX help improve posture and strengthen the spine.
  • TRX is a very compact simulator, you can easily take it with you even for outdoor activities.
  • You can diversify your workouts, and without the purchase of heavy equipment.
  • Suspended training eliminates the axial load on the spine, which is why it is safe for your back.
  • TRX is easy to install at home and does not take up much space.
TRX Classes
TRX Classes

TRX for practicing at home: personal experience. Answers to the most popular questions.

Jennifer, the subscriber of our site, has a wide experience of fitness classes at home. She agreed to share with us the experience of acquiring and using TRX loops. We asked Alina the most relevant questions about the suspension training, the answers to which will help you decide on the acquisition of TRX.

1. What attracted you to training with TRX? Why did you decide to buy loops for fitness?

I wanted to involve my husband in physical activity and any physical activity. According to his temperament, ordinary homework under video does not fit. We watched the loops live at the gym, as well as training videos on the TRX. He liked this equipment and we took it.

2. Where did you get the TRX? What is the approximate cost of equipment that is included in the kit?

We did not find loops in the usual large sport shops of the city, but there are many options on the Internet with delivery. We chose the loops not of the original production, but the Chinese ones – the difference is 4 times the price, and the quality is not so significant. Moreover, there are even schemes on the Internet from enthusiasts who also did not want to spend big money just for the original idea, and, using the materials at hand, independently assembled a similar simulator.

Its main components are a durable sling tape with looped handles at the ends and several fastener options. If you have an original kit, you can register your kit and receive workouts by e-mail. True, in the Chinese sets there can be carbines with a marriage (a spring has jumped out, it has stopped opening), the husband had to apply his locksmith skills. As an option – you can replace the carbine for mountaineering.

The kit includes:

  • Loops with rubberized handles (so as not to slide) and a carabiner (designed for loads up to 250 kg, although this depends on the set – there are different types from 120 kg).

    TRX kit
    TRX kit
  • Extension 1 meter with a carabiner, so that you can attach the hinges also somewhere on the street, on a tree, horizontal bar or just for high ceilings.
  • Fasteners for the usual door – type foam pads with a hinge. Place it on the outside of the door, close the door tightly, and hook the carabiner with your TRX hinges on the visible loop from the pillow. In this case, even attached a plate on the door, so that it is not accidentally opened – “Training is in progress.”
  • Also in the kit there are such trifles as a bracelet, cards with basic exercises, a DVD with exercises (in Russian or English – depending on the configuration), a handbag, door signs, installation and use instructions.

3. How to install TRX loops at home? Do you need special equipment or skills?

Special equipment (punch) is needed if you want to hang the hinges directly to the ceiling with anchor bolts. We, on the basis of our home environment, just hung loops on the horizontal bar, which we already had in the doorway – no tools are needed here. And the easiest option provided in the kit is to mount behind the closed door.

I must say that it can be used not only at home. This is a very mobile simulator, it can be easily removed and easily fixed in a new place, somewhere in nature, it takes up little space when carried. In principle, he was invented for this purpose – to engage in field conditions for the military.

4. How do you do with TRX: do you choose exercises yourself or do some ready-made videos? If on the finished video, then for what exactly?

We watched the videos offered by the manufacturer. In addition, there are various modifications that trainers of fitness clubs share, there is a video on youtube. I like ready-made programs of low intensity, stretching and balances. For example, Jeremy Strom – Power Yoga. There is also a program from the manufacturer: TRX Biomechanics – Healthy Back (for stretching the back and not only, various compensating postures after power loads).

We also printed out an A3 format poster with various types of movements in the loops; it was attached to one of the complex workouts. As a result, the husband trains without a video, intuitively finds options for himself – what to pump up, where to stretch. And I watch videos and exercise patterns.

Group TRX Workout
Group TRX Workout

5. Do you feel an increased load when performing exercises with loops compared to similar exercises without them?

Yes, this is true in some exercises where the need to balance is added or the load is simply distributed differently. For example, the same plank – the hands rest on the floor, as usual, and the feet are drawn into the loops not high from the floor. There is no longer an ordinary leg support, it is necessary to use the bark muscles and various stabilizing muscles more to stay and not to dangle from side to side.

I like the fact that with the loops one cannot get injured, as with ordinary barbell, dumbbells. Everything is very physiological in movements and nothing can be dropped on the leg.

6. Is this equipment functional in terms of adjusting the difficulty and size of belts to fit your parameters?

The level of difficulty of the exercise here is regulated either by the length of the strap or by changing the position relative to the loops, the angle of inclination of the body. From here its universality for any level of preparation.

The simplest example when pulling in the slope. You took loops and spread your hands, moved a couple of steps from the point of suspension of the belts. Now put the legs closer to the point of the hangar, and the body rejected, hands spread. We begin to pull up to the hinges. If the angle of inclination to the ground can be changed – it can be very easy to make this movement, and it is very difficult. More clearly, of course, watch at least one video and the principle will immediately become clear.

7. Are there any disadvantages or inconveniences when practicing with the TRX?

For convenient work with hinges, free space is required from the point of suspension – approximately 3-4 steps forward and to the sides. I have a bit of space on my sides for attacks. But I just increase the length of the loops to the maximum and pass further into the room – I get so much more space. Or replace the exercise.

TRX Straps and woman
TRX Straps and woman

8. Generally speaking, were your expectations from the acquisition of TRX met?

I am not a big fan of power and high-intensity programs, so I do not use loops to the maximum of their capabilities, I get tired very quickly in such exercises, periodically combine with workouts on the Bosu platform (I also found such balance exercises on the network). The main thing for me was to motivate my husband to classes, he likes this simulator and does not get bored. So I am satisfied and the more I appeal to them, the more new applications I find, even, for example, for stretching on twine.

We once again express gratitude to Alina, who agreed to speak in detail and informatively about her experience in using TRX loops.