Step aerobics

Step aerobics: the pros and cons

If you claim that step aerobics is boring and trite, it means that you have never tried to attend a training session. Meanwhile, practicing this type of fitness will help you get a harmoniously folded body, excellent posture, and correct, beautiful movements.

Rhythmic music, competent trainer, platform, and good mood – that’s all you need for effective training!

The essence of the lesson is to perform ascents to the platform and descents from it to the pleasant music. This is reminiscent of a combination of classic aerobics and walking upstairs. During classes, the trainer can alternate strength and aerobic exercises, as well as elements from martial arts and Latin American dances.


step aerobics


As usual, step aerobics has both advantages and disadvantages. Let’s deal together.


Step aerobics has a positive effect on the female body as a whole and has a number of advantages. Namely:

  1. Being engaged on step platforms, you strengthen the respiratory, nervous, cardiovascular, and muscular systems.
  2. You stabilize blood pressure and the vestibular apparatus.
  3. With arthritis and osteoporosis, you just need to do step aerobics, because these diseases are caused by a lack of movement.
  4. Aerobic exercise acts on “hard muscles,” such as the thigh muscles, buttocks, and the back of the thigh.
  5. Step complex affects the body, with a very high-quality corrected leg shape and waist.
  6. You do not “pump” unnecessary muscles, such as in the classroom at the gym.
  7. You can lose weight and improve your body in a very short time.
  8. For classes, you need to prepare a minimum of items: a platform (a bench for a step), a ball, a pair of dumbbells, and a wide rubber band.
  9. For professional athletes, step aerobics can be used as a good workout.
  10.  And during a visit to the collective classes, stress is relieved and mood improves.

But do not forget about the shortcomings.


The fast pace of exercise is the reason that step aerobics has a number of contraindications. Indeed, in the course of training is a big load on the heart.

This type of aerobics is not suitable for people with diseases such as:

  • hypertension;
  • angina pectoris, arrhythmia, and other cardiovascular diseases;
  • varicose veins;
  • chronic liver and kidney disease;
  • lumbar spine disease;
  • sore joints of the legs (with the wrong steps).

Have you already consulted a doctor and excluded the possibility of contraindications to classes? Then it’s time to buy a subscription to a fitness club!

step aerobics routines



And first, pick the right clothes. Pants should be short – this will prevent possible injuries. It is also advisable to choose special shoes for the steppe, which has the option to support the foot.

It is worth starting with 20-minute workouts, gradually increasing their time to an hour. So your heart and muscles will be easier to get used to the loads.

You will notice that the main emphasis falls on the bottom of the body and legs because there are most of our “problem” zones. When performing the exercises, lower the shoulders and keep your head high, the entire load should fall on the back, abdomen, buttocks, and legs.

During class follow the following rules:

  • Exercise no more than three times a week.
  • Drink fluids regularly during exercise.
  • Make sure you lose no more than 1 kg per week.
  • Practice your rhythm and do not try to be “very-very”.
  • The group should not be more than 20 people.
  • If you are uncomfortable in the group, change it.

In general, the beauty of this sport is that they can do anywhere. Being engaged individually, it is more difficult to master some elements. But they can always be replaced by lighter similar movements.


what is step aerobics


So take your platform and go outside or at least to the balcony – you will be in a great mood and energy boost!