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Sport for women – Ultra body fitness

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Female ultra body fitness – a popular form of fitness in recent times. This sport appeared as a response to the need for competition to demonstrate the proportional development of the body without the use of gymnastics, elements of acrobatics and others.

An obligatory condition for body fitness is the lack of emphasis on hypertrophied muscle groups, which is characteristic for bodybuilding. Representatives of this sport demonstrate achievements in working on their own body without using a characteristic for women’s fitness program. In other words, body fitness is something between bodybuilding and fitness.

Ultra Body fitness has some specific features, but to start with a bit of history. Female athleticism was actively promoted in the 70s of the XX century. The world knows the names of women who have achieved serious success in competitions in this sport. Among them, Cory Everson (Miss Olympia, 1984-1989), Rachel McLish (“Miss Olympia”, 1982) and other athletes, especially distinguished themselves . It is the athletic 70’s that inspired many women to engage in activities that improve their bodies.

Why does bodyfitness so attract women? In many respects this depends on the fact that the emphasis in it is on aesthetics. The body should be athletic and beautiful at the same time. Muscles should look elastic, tightened, they should not contain excess fat.


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In ultra body fitness, the emphasis is on aesthetics – beautiful in combination with athletic build, overall athletic athletic build (starting from the head to the bottom), taking all the physical development into account. Also, the hairstyle and attractiveness of the face are evaluated; general athletic development; proportionality of athletic development; condition and tone of the skin; the ability to imagine and grace. The constitution should be evaluated at the level of all the muscle tone achieved through sports activities. Muscles should be tight, elastic with a small amount of fat. The constitution should not be excessively muscular, and also not flat, deep muscular separation and venousity are excluded.

Athletes with excessive muscularity, as well as with a flat body are put on the last places. More: the evaluation also takes into account the density and tone of the skin. Skin tone should be smooth and healthy, without cellulite. The face, hair and make-up must correspond to the general appearance of the athlete. Judging the athlete’s physique should include the ability to teach oneself from the moment of entering the stage to the moment of leaving the stage. Evaluating a fitness athlete, the emphasis is on a healthy, athletic, athletic physique with an attractive overall look. Judges should be attentive to the fact that the athlete can present a different image both in a continuous swimsuit with high heels, and in a high-heeled bikini. Therefore, the judges must ensure that every round is judged by a “fresh look”, ensuring that all athletes will receive honest scores based on their athletic costume in each round.

So, if you decided to do bodyfitness, where should you start?

On nutrition, it is best to consult with your personal trainer. In bodyfitness, the moment of mentoring is very important. Experienced athletes transfer their knowledge and experience to beginners, as in any other sport. Correction of nutrition – the first stage on the way to the perfect body, only after that the training starts.


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Power Correction

To begin with, you will completely change the approach to nutrition. Diet for ultra body fitness involves frequent meals, but in small portions. As they say experienced athletes, one serving should be the size of a fist. Food should have a good balance of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. No sugar and chocolate.

On nutrition, it is best to consult with your personal trainer. In bodyfitness, the moment of mentoring is very important. Experienced athletes transfer their knowledge and experience to beginners, as in any other sport. Correction of nutrition – the first stage on the way to the perfect body, only after that the training starts.

How to train

The first training include exercises with dumbbells (up to 3 kg), as well as abdominal exercises, the muscles of the chest, back, squatting, bending. The number of approaches is determined by the coach, but, like in other sports, there must be a gradual increase in the loads.

Training must be done 2-3 times a week. There are different approaches to the distribution of types of exercises. You can combine all the exercises in one workout or divide them by the day. One day to devote to exercises for the muscles of the back, the second – to the press, etc.

Food can be taken 2 hours after exercise. Popular in the bodybuilders environment, protein cocktails in bodyfitness can be of little help. Such cocktails types of fitness should be used only by those who are engaged in many hours of training in order to restore the forces expended. Without the right amount of exercise, an excess of proteins can lead to kidney problems or kidney stones.

As a rule, women come to ultra body fitness with a desire to change, get a body that they will be happy with. Some beginners are so addicted to this occupation that after a while they become professional sportswomen. From this moment a completely different life begins. Professional athletes note that their time is completely subordinated to ultra body fitness. Lifestyle, nutrition, constant training – all the forces are aimed at achieving sports results and victories in competitions.


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Training programs

They should be carried out in such a way as to achieve the creation of a relief pattern of muscles with a torso that is V-shaped. It is important to avoid hypertrophy of the development of muscle fibers.

Ultra body fitness competitions

At competitions on body fitness it is important to have a presentable appearance. What does this concept include? Not only the right development of muscles, but also the ability to make a good impression on judges and the public. The beauty of the girl, the bright character, the charm, the ability to stay in front of the audience are of great importance. Professionals also appreciate the relief of muscles, separation, elaboration and other nuances of the girl’s figure.

In body fitness there are four categories for the growth of participants (in centimeters): to 158, to 163, to 168 and above.

There are three rounds in each competition

  • Selection Round – pose a swimsuit separate (non-shiny black fabric, buttocks must be covered by half). Of the shoes are welcome ordinary hairpin black, socks and heels should be closed. At the competitions, even the thickness of the sole and heel height is checked (no more than 6.5 mm and no more than 127 mm, respectively).
  • The second round is a pose in a closed swimsuit. Otherwise, the requirements are the same. Allowed jewelry and shoes at the request of the athlete. It is important to withstand the contrast in relation to the first image of the athlete.
  • In the third round – again an open swimsuit, free choice of shoes, jewelry and hairstyles. Under the ban in all three rounds there are shoes on the platform.

However, not every lady can professionally engage in ultra body fitness training. Therefore, practice in order to simply improve the body relief.