Back Strengthening Exercises

Simple Tips To Improve Your Spine And Strengthen Your Muscles – Back Strengthening Exercises

Gait, posture, sitting at a computer affect the general condition of the spine. Adverse effects lead to pain, discomfort, back, and neck numb. Systematic exercises to strengthen the spine will get rid of these problems. It is important to train and strengthen muscles, as they are the main support of the spine. Below are tips on how to strengthen and improve your spine using simple exercises.

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Simple habits of walking, keeping your back straight, breaks during work at the computer help to saturate the body with oxygen, improve breathing, strengthen muscles and normalize weight.

Exercises for strong back are divided into three stages:

Stretching And Training Of Deep Back Muscles

Warm-Up Stretches The Muscles, Prevents Tissue Damage, Enhances The Flow Of Oxygen.

Training Of Deep Back Muscles

Standing straight, legs apart shoulder-width apart, perform two or three deep breaths and exhalations, hold your breath for 2-3 seconds. The neck is kneaded up and down, left and right. Then perform circular movements back and forth, circular hand swings. They connect the fingers, raise them up, perform tilts in different directions. They approach the exercise carefully, otherwise you can pull your back. Perform tilts down, trying to stretch your back. Perform walking in place, raising the knees as high as possible. At the end of the workout, take two to three deep breaths.

Home Back Workout – Basic Exercises.

Lying on your back, bend your knees. Raise the pelvis above the floor, focusing on the feet and shoulder blades, lingering in this position for 3-5 seconds.

Standing on all fours, at the same time raise the left hand and left leg, taking a horizontal position along the entire body. Exercise strengthens muscle corset.

Lying on his stomach, take the pose of the “boat”, raising arms and legs up. Repeat movement 5-6 times.

The following exercise works out the muscles of the cervical spine well: position on the stomach face down. They lift the pelvis, arch the back with an arch, focusing only on the toes and palms. As much as possible straighten knees and elbows. Then the pelvis is lowered and the head raised, the exercise is repeated: the pelvis is lowered, gradually raising, arching the back.

  1. Hitch and relaxation. After exercise, relax the body and muscles. It is recommended to finish classes with light jogging, which is gradually transferred to walking.

Home Back Workout

For an effective result, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle and keep healthy diet. Experts advise more often to be in the fresh air, to avoid stresses and overstrain, to abandon bad habits.