Kangoo jumps
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New kind of fitness – Kangoo jumps

Kangoo jumps – the latest trend in sports and fitness, which is gaining popularity in Ukraine. This is one of the best ways to energize and lose those extra pounds. The main feature of this type of fitness – shoes Kangoo jumps. With their help, your workouts will turn into a fun pastime, but the benefits of them will be several times higher!

Spring boots Kangoo jumps, developed in 1994 by Canadian orthopedic surgeon Gregory Legkhtman exclusively for rehabilitation after the operating period on the joints of the knees, lower legs, and back, literally blew up the global fitness industry! Equipped with a unique springy system, they protect the back and joints by 80%, and give other important results! Classes and running in them not only allow you to burn 30% more calories than it does when practicing in regular shoes but also allow you to tighten the buttocks and stomach in record time! In addition, training in these shoes are very dynamic and fun.

Kangoo shoes

Kangoo shoes


  • all people between the ages of 5 to 90 years can practice in kangoo jumps;
    thanks to its sturdy construction, it is possible to train in shoes both in the gym and in the open air and on virtually any surface;
  • training in kangoo jumps is as effective as possible: cardio training is thus complemented by weighting in the form of shoes, which later gives a beautiful relief to the whole body;
  • kangoo Jumps help to correct posture (because of the semicircular shape of their soles, they do not allow them to accept an incorrect body position, which is forced to automatically straighten to maintain balance);
  • using springy shoes you can adjust the position of the foot;
  • reduce fatigue and discomfort during menstruation in women.
Kangoo jumps festival
Kangoo jumps festival

Let’s talk about other “bonuses” of Kangoo jumps in more detail.


Kangoo Jumps – one of the most effective modern methods to lose weight. The fact is that with such a dynamic load a lot more calories are burned than when practicing traditional types of fitness. And even after a workout, your body continues to burn calories, because exercising at kangoo jumps improves the level of metabolism even during rest.

In addition, exercises in this shoe activate the lymphatic system, which removes waste and toxins from the body. And this is directly related to losing weight because if you allow toxins to accumulate in our body, you will soon be able to detect cellulite on your hips and buttocks!

Each workout in Kangoo Jumps shoes can be perceived not only as cardio but also as a strength since the whole of each shoe is about 2 kg. Therefore, the desired harmony you will achieve in a shorter period!


It is very easy to get injured while doing sports. For many, it is this factor that becomes the main reason to stop training. So training in springy boots, this trouble can be avoided! Jumping gives an excellent load on the muscles of the legs while sparing the joints since the spring of the shoes takes the brunt.

The muscles of the back and the vestibular apparatus are involved in the Kangoo Jumps boots five times more intense than when running. They soften shocks, blows, and reduce the load on the spine, ligaments, and joints. The muscles of the back are strengthened within a few weeks!

If your goal is to lose weight, increase muscle tone, or just have fun – you won’t find a better form of fitness! Kangoo Jumps are easy to use, safe, and useful from both physical and emotional points of view.

Kangoo jumps classes
Kangoo jumps classes

Kangoo jumps rules

It is very simple to use springy boots. For a start, wear high cotton socks. Then sit down on a chair if you wear shoes at home without an instructor. When you shoe your shoes, be sure to fasten the clasps so that you hear a small click. When using springy boots for the first time, stand up slowly, looking ahead. If necessary, hold the back of the chair. The first classes are preferably carried out on a flat and dry surface. For better results, start with a light run in place, jumping from one foot to the other. Try to move the center of gravity on the entire foot, and not to stand on the fingers or heels. To quickly achieve balance, the legs are best placed shoulder-width apart.

Expert’s opinion

Kate Monar, an international presenter and trainer of fitness programs at Kangoo Jumps.

  • How are classes at Kangoo Jumps different from doing sports shoes?

Kangoo Jumps boots are patented footwear for running and active sports for the whole family, people with different fitness training (both those who have never played sports or professional athletes). Their main advantage is a special springy system that absorbs impact from a hard surface. That is why they are ideal for the category of people who have joint problems or back pain.

Classes and running in them not only allow you to burn 30% of calories more than it does when practicing in regular shoes but also allow you to tighten the buttocks and tummy in record time! This is due to the weight of the shoes in which we conduct training. Each of them weighs about 2 kg and performing certain exercises (lifting the knees in a jump or sweeping backward), you can strengthen your muscles as soon as possible and acquire beautiful relief of such important body parts as the buttocks and tummy! And swinging to the sides in a jump eliminates excess fat from the outer part of the thigh! After the main part of the training, which we perform in jumps, we turn to strength training, which is also carried out in Kangoo Jumps shoes, which means we work with weights!

  • Are there any contraindications?

As with any other type of fitness or sport, Kangoo Jumps shoes have some contraindications. They can not deal with pregnant women (due to the relatively high intensity of the performance of jumps and running), as well as the categories of people with cervical spondylosis. I want to remind everyone that in order to practice any kind of fitness or sports, you need to have a family doctor’s permission or at least get expert advice in case you have any lobo health problems!

  • What is the duration of one class and its cost?

The duration of one lesson in the shoes is 55-60 minutes, as actually any other ordinary aerobic training consisting of warm-up, the main part, and stretching. Within one hour, more than 1000 kkl are burned, and therefore today Kangoo Jumps are the fastest, effective way to lose weight and, most importantly, without any harm to your health. And if you consider that the lessons in them give an incredible feeling of weightlessness, then we can safely call this type of fitness perfect!

The cost of one lesson depends on the level of the club where the Kangoo Jumps are training. Although Kagoo Jumps and fitness programs with their use may seem easy to use and a simple form of fitness, there are many rules and techniques that require some knowledge and training. Therefore, I strongly recommend attending classes only with licensed instructors, to the extent that you can request a diploma or certificate of attendance from your instructor.