Fitness for girls

Fitness for girls | Female fitness

Many women neglect squats, jogging, hoops, training devices – believing that weight loss can be achieved by adhering to a normal diet. However, getting an ideal figure, neglecting fitness is fantastic. Sport is simply necessary for women.

This training program is divided into three monthly stages. The first stage is an introduction to exercises and simulators, which are available in your club. You will three times a week to conduct weight training for the muscles of the whole body and plus this twice a week to arrange a cardio session (in other words, to do aerobics). At the second stage you will start to deal with individual complexes for different muscles, still three times a week. At this stage, you increase the intensity: do more sets and increase working weight. One more what is fitness session of cardio ions is added. At the last stage you will also be engaged in a separate program (for each muscle – a separate set of exercises). But at the same time, add one more exercise to each muscle. And cardio will have to be conducted 4 times a week. Beginning with the second stage, the exercises will be grouped according to this principle:

  • 1 workout – legs.
  • 2 workout – chest, triceps, deltoid muscles.
  • 3 workout – back, biceps, press.

If you have enough time, then until the 10th week of the program (when the number of classes will reach 4 times a week), you will develop strength training and cardio sessions on different days. But if you want to combine power and aerobic loads in the interests of saving time – no problem. However, here it is necessary to follow this order: first – simulators, then – aerobics. And finally, one more condition: do not forget to include in your weekly schedule at least 2 days of complete rest from the sport. Such “interruptions” of the regime are vitally important for the organism. Such days are like a reboot for the computer.


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How not to leave the race

  • Follow the program with the utmost punctuality! Do not be tempted to increase weight excessively, or to stomp on the treadmill from morning till night. This program was developed for you by the best specialists in fitness. Any changes will only damage the final result.
  • Start a workout diary in a beautiful cover. Take it with you to the gym and mark in it all the exercises done, the number of sets, repetitions and working weights. The diary will remind you the order of the exercises. And do not try to keep the complex in your head! Even fitness professionals go to the gym with diaries under their armpits.
  • Do you have muscle aches the day after your workout? Nothing wrong! They will fight and stop! Another thing – acute traumatic pain in the joint. Do not hesitate here! Run to the doctor!

Warm up and stretching

Many miss the workout – and make a fatal mistake. The load on the “cold” muscles is guaranteed to lead to injury. Before you start strength training, perform a small five-minute warm-up. Walk along the treadmill or twist the pedals of an exercise bike – this will increase blood flow and warm up the muscles. In addition, to the working sets of any exercise, add one more set – a warm-up. He is made the very first, and the weight takes about half the usual.

Before cardio workout, you also need to do warm-up. The first 5-7 minutes should be spent on how to properly warm up the muscles. Time spent on warming up. In offset of the most aerobic session does not go. After training, do not forget to stretch. Why after, and not before? Because your muscles are properly warmed up by power exercises. The “cold” muscles of the ligaments are rigid. Trying to stretch properly can result in injury. Stretch only those muscles that you have loaded in training.

Fitness – a kind of sport that serves to adjust the figure, weight loss, general strengthening of the body.

Differences between male and female fitness

Female fitness is slightly different from the male one in that it can easily pass without occupations with weights. Fitness exercises for men most often involve the use of additional equipment – dumbbells, bars, simulators. Fitness exercises designed for women can include the use of this inventory, but exercises can also be carried out using the weight of their own body.


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Problem areas for women

Due to the natural features of the female body, it has some problem areas – areas in which fat deposits appear more often and faster:

  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Hypogastrium
  • Boca

Fitness training for both men and girls can be visited in special clubs, and you can spend at home. For this, it is necessary to choose exercises that will correct these zones.

Scheme of the first trainings

At a low level of physical fitness, starting any fitness complex of exercises for girls follows with several introductory exercises. They should be carried out according to the standard scheme:
Warm up Any fitness exercises should begin with a warm-up. At this stage, muscles and ligaments are warmed up, which prevents the occurrence of traumatic situations during exercise.
Complex of basic exercises In the first sessions, it is preferable to perform exercises on all muscle groups, so that they rather come to tone and are ready for heavier loads in the next stages.
Stretching This component of the first training can not be neglected. If you had fitness even on heels, stretch exercises should be done without shoes, at a calm pace.

Future plans

  1. Before you begin, enlist the approval of a doctor. Fitness can exacerbate a young girl’s sluggish diseases, which you did not even guess. These are latent infections of the genito-urinary tract, disturbances of the heart rhythm, skin rashes and so on. Bad teeth are also an excuse to delay with fitness. Physical stress causes increased blood flow, so that infection from a sick tooth can easily get to the most remote corners of the body. For example, to hit the kidneys.
  2. Take a shopping trip to equip your child with a sports form at the latest squeak of fashion. You can not save here: in old shorts and a T-shirt, she simply can not fall in love with fitness.
  3. Take, at first with your daughter, a promise that she will not miss training. Then she will be drawn in, and your control will become superfluous.
  4. Follow the regime of your daughter: if she sleeps less than 8-9 hours, training will not be of use. During sleep, the body recovers after exercise. If there is not enough sleep, the physical overwork is slowly accumulating. Later it will lead to overtraining, and this is a dangerous condition, almost a disease.
  5. Convince your daughter to keep a nutrition diary. Explain to her that the food should be taken in small portions 4-6 times a day (and this is not chips!). At the same time check yourself: how do you feed your family? Is there enough protein, carbohydrates and fats in your family meals?