Effective tricep workout
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Effective tricep workout – triceps training tips

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The secret to triceps training is the proper implementation of the exercise technique. But the main nuance is that you need to monitor the position of the elbows when working on the triceps muscle.

Do not allow the elbows to diverge to the side, otherwise, the load on the triceps is minimal, and, in principle, the triceps will not feel the work.

And remember, your elbows should not go around you, fix them motionless. If the elbows move in time with the amplitude, then the load, in turn, passes to the pectoral muscles or deltas.

Tricep Workouts Secret Technique

Tricep Workouts Secret Technique:

Lying Tricep Press – correct form and technique              

Often, athletes are underworking in this exercise. In most cases, the bench press is performed horizontally on the bench. The exercise is uncomfortable in execution, and, probably, because of this, it is considered undeservedly effective. With the standard technique, the exercises are not good because at the final point we straighten our arms, and accordingly the load goes to the joints and frame, while the triceps relax.

Yes, we just swing away from real work on triceps. But we must keep the muscle in tension until it returns to its original position. What should be changed?

To completely reduce the triceps and tension of all muscle fibers, we will change the technique of the French bench press. At the starting point, we move our elbows back, which helps to stretch the triceps muscle of the shoulder. Then, we will extend our elbows at an angle of 45 degrees to the floor, and the triceps will have no chance of relaxation.

Cable Tricep Extension – correct technique

In this exercise, you need to ensure that the elbows are clearly pressed to the body. In this case, at the bottom of the amplitude of motion, make a stop.

Close Grip Bench Press – proper form

And in this exercise all attention is on the elbows, they should not diverge.

Dumbbell extensions – proper form and technique

When doing the extension, you must direct the dumbbell to the back of the head. Pay special attention to the elbow of the working hand, it should be in an upright position, and not move away.

Dips – proper form

This exercise can be complicated by adding weight. The body is strictly vertical, do not part your elbows.

Follow the tips, work on triceps correctly! See you in the gym!