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Does L-carnitine work for weight loss? | L-carnitine benefits



L-carnitine is a vitamin-like natural substance that belongs to the group B vitamins. It is formed in the liver and kidneys with the participation of B vitamins, as well as methionine and lysine, and is stored mainly in the muscles and brain.

L-carnitine – fat burner?

It is known that levokarnitin enhances the transport of fatty acids in the mitochondria. Scientists discovered this mechanism, and marketers immediately concluded that the more carnitine, the more fat is transported from our fat stores in the mitochondria. Consequently, more fat is burned.

Studies have shown that the additional intake of carnitine from sports supplements does not affect its concentration in muscle tissue. Also, supplemental supplementation does not increase endurance in people who are overweight. Hence, we can conclude that if you are obese l-carnitine is not suitable for you for losing weight. Therefore, friends put the buns aside and do cardio.

However, there is news for advanced athletes! In the course of research, scientists have identified a link between an additional intake of carnitine and an increase in the endurance of the subjects. Amino acid was taken in the amount of 2 grams per day, 60 minutes before training, during the 21st day.

As we know, increasing stamina allows you to do cardio longer, hence burn more calories. This is the good news: experienced athletes have a sense to use l-carnitine for drying! But the positive effect is manifested only with prolonged admission from 2 weeks to a month.




If you visit the forums on bodybuilding, then about the reception of l-carnitine may develop a dual opinion. Reviews are contradictory.

At someone from reception of the additive there were only positive impressions, and someone absolutely nothing has felt. This can be explained by many factors: from the acquisition of a substandard additive, to the individual characteristics of the human body. For example, there are people who have broken their own carnitine production. For them, taking it from outside will have the most positive effect.

How should I take L-carnitine?

Since there is no scientific confirmation of the efficacy of L-carnitine as a fat burner and a means for weight loss, there are no optimal doses or regimens for its administration. However, the manufacturers of this supplement usually recommend taking 200 to 3000 mg of Levocarnitine 30-40 minutes before physical training.

In some materials, on the contrary, it is a question of taking l carnitine together with the usual food to increase the percentage of its assimilation. This sounds more logical, since this substance does not act instantaneously, but rather accumulates in the tissues of the body and is involved in the metabolism of fats only if necessary.

Forms of production and methods of taking an additive

Often athletes do not get the effect of taking Levocarnitine because they do not know how to correctly take it. But let’s first talk about the form of release. In general, they can be divided into two forms: liquid and solid.

  • Liquid l-carnitine is available in the form of drinking ampoules, beverages and concentrated solutions. Carnitine in this form is more convenient for taking, as a drink or ampoule can always be carried. The ampulla are rather miniature and fit in your pocket. In one ampoule there is one portion of the supplement.
  • The solid form is presented in the form of tablets and powder. As a rule, this form is cheaper.

As for the use of carnitine, the instructions for use can be as follows:

  • If you bought a liquid form, it is recommended to take no more than 15 ml of carnitine per day, 30 minutes before the workout
  • In the case of tablets or powder, the recommended dose is 2000-3000 mg per day, just 30 minutes before the session. You can divide the portion into several parts and take the supplement in the morning and before training
  • On rest days, take carnitine between meals in the morning. 

Источник: http://fit-ness24.ru/rabotaet-li-l-karnitin-dlya-pohudeniya-i-o-chem-molchat-otzyvy-v-internete/L-carnitine is recommended to take courses lasting 2 weeks – a month, with a break of several weeks. Thus, you avoid the syndrome of failure – when your body ceases to synthesize its own amino acid. Although this is only a theory, in practice there have been cases of taking high doses throughout the year, which did not lead to negative effects.


l-carnitine as a fat burner


Levokarnitin can be purchased not only in the sports nutrition store. It is also sold in pharmacies. Prices in the pharmacy vary greatly depending on the manufacturer. The cost of drugs can range from 50 to 2000 rubles. In this case, do not rush to expensive drugs, because they are not always better cheaper.

Side effects l-carnitine

Despite numerous studies, the side effects of supplements have not been revealed. Despite this, no one excludes the possibility of individual carnitine intolerance. Also, due to the increased level of energy release, insomnia can occur. To avoid this, take l-carnitine in the morning.

I want to note that l-carnitine has good reviews of doctors. In general, they note the beneficial effect of supplementation on the cardiovascular system. Well I think they can be trusted.

But there is one study, which is important to mention! As a result of this study, it was found that carnitine can be processed in the intestine in TMAO – this is a toxin that promotes arteriosclerosis of the vessels (their destruction). True, the negative effect of TMAO is manifested only with prolonged elevated levels in the body. So the course of carnitine will help to avoid this.


In this article, we once again made sure that we should not place high hopes on sports nutrition products. Yes, in a sense they are useful and can help you achieve the result. But almost 90% success depends only on proper nutrition and training. So do not be lazy and work on yourself!Источник: http://fit-ness24.ru/rabotaet-li-l-karnitin-dlya-pohudeniya-i-o-chem-molchat-otzyvy-v-interneteИсточник: http://fit-ness24.ru/rabotaet-li-l-karnitin-dlya-pohudeniya-i-o-chem-molchat-otzyvy-v-internete/