Best Biceps Exercises

Best Biceps Exercises for Bigger and Stronger Arms

Today we’ll talk about the foundation that is worth laying, namely, about the complex of exercises for biceps, performing which you still will break through the biceps, and about one very interesting approach to training for biceps.

Bicep Workout – Principles And Features

Firstly, we will do biceps training once a week with triceps. But we will change the sequence in the exercise: in one training session, we start with the biceps, in the other – with the triceps.

It is worth considering, when training for biceps, that the schedule of weekly workouts on arms and on the back should be correctly built. This is due to the fact that during pumping the back, biceps performs an auxiliary role. Therefore, it is wrong to swing your back after a day of bicep loading. You just can’t. Shake your back today – give your biceps three days to rest. We decided today to take up hand training – on the back we will conduct a workout in two days. Keep this in mind, this is an important point.

Secondly, do not rely on big weights, there is no hope for them! We need isolation. If you take a large barbell, it means that with this weight not only biceps work, but also the back and legs. In isolation, it is unlikely that your biceps will take the weight that you lift by the efforts of the whole body. Set yourself up for isolaton work.

Thirdly, we cannot do without a “hammer”. The position of the hands in this exercise involves the brachial muscle, which is anatomically located under the biceps, and unlike it, only helps to bend the arm in the elbow joint. In this way, we visually increase the thickness of the arm.

Fourth, forget about the jerks. Exercise at a moderate pace. In the middle of the motion amplitude, you should pause. If you can’t, this is a signal that the weight you have chosen is too big for you. Lose weight! Do not fall on weights, drive and work weights correctly.

Fifth, successive lifts with dumbbells are what the doctor prescribed for biceps. By changing only the position of the palms in this exercise, you will diversify your training. Palms in a line – working on the internal beam, at an angle – on the external, parallel grip – turn on the shoulder muscle.

Let’s Go! Best Bicep Exercises:

  1. Standing barbell bicep curl.

We perform in 4 sets of 15, 12, 10, 10 repetitions.

Stand straight, while inhaling, we straighten our shoulders and back. Raising the bar slightly, press your elbows to your torso. Then lift the bar, without jerking, slowly. The elbows during this exercise should be pressed all the time to the body. Therefore, we raise the bar until the moment when we can keep our elbows pressed. We return to the starting position also slowly.

“Masters” – amateurs manage to perform this exercise to the collarbone, literally throwing the barbell. But so they lose all the equipment, make jerks, and tear their elbows from the body. Do not repeat the mistakes of others.

  1. Reverse lifts of the EZ-bar from the bench.

We perform in 4 sets of 15, 12, 10, 6-8 repetitions.

Lean on your cattle bench with your stomach and chest, in your hands – EZ-bar, lower your hands with a bar.

Slowly, bending the elbows, raise the bar to parallel, make a stop. We return to the starting position even more slowly. Watch out for brushes. They should not be walking with you, they should be straight, do not turn them up or down.

The exercise is aimed at working with the lower ligaments of the biceps, so add weight gradually. Start with a little weight. And a taboo for jerking! We still lacked injuries!

  1. Alternating “Hammer”.

We perform in 4 sets of 10-12 repetitions.

In a standing position, straighten your shoulders and back, keep your hands with dumbbells at the seams. We take a breath and bend the elbow, slowly. The elbow should not walk, lock it in a motionless position. And remember: we lift the dumbbell by force, we do not swing it.

To achieve even greater effect, when lowering your hand to its original position, leave your hand with dumbbells in weight, so you will maintain tension in the shoulder muscle.

  1. Lifting dumbbells sitting (alternately).

We perform in 4 sets of 10, 8, 8, 6-8 repetitions.

Sit on a bench, lower your hands with dumbbells along the body. With the palm turned outward, slowly raise the dumbbell to the shoulder girdle. We return to the starting position only when you feel a contraction in the upper point of the biceps. In this case, we turn the palm inward.

Do not help yourself while lifting the hull. Connect the feet and keep the balance for a clean technique. If the stupas are wide – the case is included in the work on the machine.

Those who need to pump up biceps! See you in the gym!