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A set of exercises with fitball for weight loss – circuit training workout

Standard women’s fitness programs are built on intensive weight training and on the use of cardiovascular equipment (stepper, treadmill, cycling). We offer to distract from the usual training and pay attention to classes with a fitball. Consider the main benefits of such training and present an effective set of exercises, with which you are guaranteed to strengthen your muscles and quickly get rid of extra pounds.

Benefits of using fitball

Initially, a fitball was used as a means of rehabilitating athletes after injuries and operations. But soon the doctors noticed that exercising with a large ball also had other benefits for physical health. Consider them in more detail:

Fitball and woman
Fitball and woman
  • Strengthening the muscular frame. One of the advantages of a fitball is the ability to perform familiar exercises from non-standard positions. In this case, the athlete is forced to further maintain the balance of the body. All this together helps to strengthen muscle fibers and develop endurance.
  • Comprehensive ab workout. The abdominal region is formed by several muscles. Therefore, various exercises are used to strengthen them: twisting, lifting legs, lifting a body in a Roman chair and others. Most of the elements on the fitball, if not directly, then indirectly affect the entire abdominal area, which allows you to effectively train the press in almost every approach.
  • Good body stretch. Stretching exercises on fitball are suitable as a hitch. For example, after running or exercising at the gym, you can gently and, most importantly, safely pull the whole body on the ball. So you will avoid strong post-workout pain and help your muscles recover faster.
  • Improved posture. For girls who work all day in the office in front of a computer, exercises with a gym ball are extremely useful. First, this training helps relieve tension from the back and relieve pain. Secondly, exercises on fitball strengthen the muscles of the spinal column and small stabilizers, which helps keep the posture smooth and beautiful.
  • Tightening problem areas. Many women experience “sagging” and flabby skin in certain areas of the body. Fitness classes will help solve this problem. Thanks to the intensive movements on the ball and the simultaneous inclusion of large muscles in the work, it is possible to work out the main problem areas with high quality: the buttocks, the back of the hands, the inner surface of the hips, the waist.
  • The availability of the projectile. If you can not go to the gym, to organize a workout at home is easy.

Fitball exercise is also useful for young mothers to restore their usual slimness. Thanks to the soft, elastic surface of the ball, girls can perform simple exercises in the first months after the appearance of the baby.

Group fitball workout
Group fitball workout

Fitness ball and weight loss

Fitball is not only suitable for strengthening muscles and general body lift. With it, you can conduct intensive aerobic training, aimed at getting rid of extra pounds. The effectiveness of training with fitball is based on two points:

  • High calorie consumption. High-speed exercises with the ball comprehensively affect the entire body, forcing large muscle groups to work simultaneously. As a result, the body is forced to expend a large number of calories to provide energy, which has a positive effect on fat loss.
  • Acceleration of metabolic processes. It is proved that during intense loads, the cells of the body consume a large amount of oxygen. Due to this, there is an accelerated splitting of substances into energy and its subsequent consumption. In girls, the acceleration of metabolism reaches 20–25% of the normal value and can last up to 12 hours after the end of the training.
Rest after the fitball exercises
Rest after the fitball exercises

If you decide to use fitball for weight loss, do not forget to eat right. Without a balanced low-calorie diet, no sports techniques will help. Let us examine the principles of nutrition for weight loss:

  • Adhere to the following ratio in the preparation of the menu: proteins – 50%, fats – 20%, carbohydrates – 30%.
  • Avoid sugar and pastry. These products are deposited in the form of subcutaneous fat.
  • Eat pasta, cereals and cereals before lunch. After – replace the usual side dishes with fresh vegetables.
  • Eliminate margarine from the diet. Eat only healthy vegetable oils.
  • Avoid harmful foods: chips, soft drinks, fatty sauces, fast food.
  • Do not gorge at a time. Break the menu into 4–5 meals. If you are hungry, have a snack with low-fat cottage cheese or fruit.
  • The last meal should be 2 hours before bedtime. I can not sleep – drink a glass of low-fat kefir.

Do not forget to drink 1.5–2 liters of pure water per day. Fluid is needed by the body during intense workout.

A set of exercises with fitball for weight loss

Training is performed in a circuit mode. The duration of each element is 30 seconds, the rest is 10 seconds. Number of classes – at least 4 per week.

  • Compression fitball. We stand up exactly, take the ball and pull it out in front of us, at chest level. On the exhale, we strain our hands, trying to squeeze the fitball as much as possible. When inhaling, pressure is weakened.
  • Squats with the ball. We stand straight, legs – a little wider than shoulder line. Keep the ball pressed to the chest. On the inhale we squat. At the bottom of the draw a fitball in front of you. On the exhale, we rise and hold the projectile to itself.
  • Stretching hands in the “static”. We get down in the half-ride. The angle at the knee joints is 90 °, the ball is at the chest. We hold the body in a static posture and straighten our arms as you exhale. When inhaling, return the projectile to itself.
  • Push-ups from the fitball. We press our palms to the surface of the ball and straighten our legs back. We hold the balance and lower the chest to the projectile while inhaling. On the exhale, push the body to its original position.
  • Tilts forward. We spread our feet wider than our shoulders and raise a fitball above our head. Keep your knees level and lean forward as you exhale. Touch the ball to the floor and ascend with a breath.
  • Reverse attacks. Stand straight and hold the ball over your head. On the inhale, take the right leg back, behind the left and descend into the lunge. Simultaneously, we divert the ball in the opposite direction. On the exhale, we rise and repeat with the other foot.
  • “Bridge” on the ball. We press the shoulder blades to the fitball. We bend the legs, lower the pelvis to the floor. Cross your arms at the back of your head. Exhale and raise the pelvic division. In the upper phase we strain the hips, buttocks and the abs. While inhaling, we return to the initial position, but at the lowest point of the buttock we do not lower it to the floor.
  • Hyperextension on the ball. Cuddle the belly to the surface of the ball, stretch the legs back and put the toes to the floor. Hands crossed on the back of his head. Exhale and raise the upper body, slightly bending the back back. On a breath – we fall.
  • Lifting your knees to your chest. Lay your back on the floor, lift our legs and roll the ball to us. Clamp fitball between the back of the thighs and the shins. Exhale and tighten the knees to the chest. On the inhale, lower the ball to the floor.
  • Straightening the legs lying down. Stay on your back. We clamp a fitball between the ankles and lift the hips vertically. Exhale and straighten legs up. On a breath we lower a ball to buttocks.
  • Twisting forward. We lie down on the floor, roll the ball to the buttocks and lower the legs on it. We press the fingertips to the temples and raise the shoulder girdle from the floor. On the exhale, curl forward. On the inhale, lower the body. The waist is kept pressed to the floor throughout the exercise.
  • Twisting to the side. We press the back to the ball, bend the legs at a right angle and raise the pelvic region. We set hands for a head and on an exhalation we twist a torso to the left. Inhaling, we return to the starting position and repeat to the right.
Fitball Group Fitness Class
Fitball Group Fitness Class

We recommend to complete the workout with a soft body stretch on the ball.

The complex is large, so remember the names of the exercises and enter them into the sport timer on your smartphone. The gadget will count down the time and show the name of the item on the screen. Doing the best under energetic music.

How to choose a fitball

The effectiveness of training depends largely on the quality of the ball. Therefore, when buying, pay attention to the following points:

  • No unpleasant smell;
  • High density rubber;
  • No scratches, irregularities, bumps on the surface of the ball;
  • Good seam treatment;
  • Sufficient weight characteristics.

If the projectile is needed for simple training for weight loss, get smooth balls. If you plan to conduct jump classes – we recommend models with handles. For lovers of massage sold balls with special spikes.

Now let’s figure out how to choose a suitable fitball in size. To do this, we recommend using the following ratios:

  • Athlete height 155 cm and below, arm length 52–55 cm – ball size S (45 cm).
  • The height of an athlete is 155–165 cm, the arm length is 56–65 cm – the size of the ball is M (55 cm).
  • The height of an athlete is 165–180 cm, the length of a hand is 65–75 cm – the size of a ball is L (65 cm).
  • The height of an athlete is 180 cm and higher, the length of a hand is 75–85 cm – the size of a ball is XL (75 cm).
Fitball sizes
Fitball sizes

The cost of fitball depends on the diameter and the manufacturer. You can buy a cheap model on the Chinese marketplaces. But the quality of such shells can be extremely low.

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