10 Stretching Exercises

10 Stretching Exercises That Will Help To Make Your Ligaments More Flexible

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An integral and mandatory component of physical fitness is stretching. And thanks to it, muscles and ligaments become more flexible, more elastic, stronger.

For those who want to make the ligaments more flexible in a few weeks, we suggest using stretching exercises. Do not forget to perform them regularly, do not be lazy and you will certainly achieve the desired result.

Basic Woman Stretching Exercises

Basic Woman Stretching Exercises

  1. Basic training for stretching the back and lower back.

Keep your back straight, pull your stomach in, hold your hands above your head and begin to lean in different directions, arching your back, focusing on the lower back. Gradually try to increase the amplitude of the slopes. We carry out three approaches 15 times.

  1. Arm and back stretch

Exercise is familiar to many. Stand straight, put your legs together, put your hands on a chair and bend your back up and down. Carry out the exercise in three sets 15 times.

  1. Hip Stretch

Hip Stretch

Stand straight, keep your back straight, if necessary, hold on to a chair. With one hand you need to take your foot by the ankle and take the knee as far as possible. In this position freeze for a few seconds, pull the abs into ourselves. Repeat the exercise for each leg. Do 15 reps.

  1. Stretch the arm muscles

Stand straight, legs are shoulder-width apart. Begin to pull your arms up as far as possible, while the heels should not come off the floor. Stretch until you feel a slight tingling sensation in the shoulder area. Stay in this position for a couple of seconds, and then slowly lower your hands down, touch the tips of the toes, straighten up. Do 10-15 reps.

  1. Sitting stretches

Sit on the floor and spread your legs as wide as possible. Now bend your whole body to the right foot, to the center, to the left foot. Bend the back, do not bend the legs at the knees. Do the exercise as long as possible, the more repetitions, the better, but not less than 3 sets, 12 times each.

Sitting stretches

  1. Leg curl

We sit down on the floor, bend one leg at the knee, and reach for the fingers of the second with our hands. Then we change the legs. Repeat the exercise 10 times for each leg.

  1. Lower Body Stretches – Leg stretching exercise

For this exercise, you need a chair. It is necessary to put one leg on it, draw in the stomach, straighten your back and begin to make inclinations. Hold one hand at the waist, and the second with the whole body stretch to the leg. After change the legs. This stretch is not only for the leg muscles, but also for the back. Repeat three sets of 8 times.

Lower Body Stretches

  1. Thigh stretches – Slopes

Exercise is very useful for stretching the muscles of the lower back and ligaments. It is necessary to bend down, trying to touch the floor with your palms. The legs are shoulder-width apart. After each tilt, be sure to straighten up. Do 3 sets 6 times.

  1. Arms Stretching

Put your hands behind your back and lock them into the lock, and after that, try to raise them to the maximum height. Stay in this position for a few seconds. Then relax. Do 3 sets 6 times.

Arms Stretching

  1. Stretching the back muscles

Lie down on your stomach, spread your arms and legs in different directions and try, bending over, pulling them up. Stay in this pose for 10 seconds, have a rest. Repeat three sets 15 times.